The association was founded in April 2002 by graduates of the former Swissair Aviation School pilots class PK 4/00 and offers sightseeing flights on a private, non-commercial basis.

General information about the association

At the end of February 2002 we all graduated with our airline transportation pilot license for former Swissair. Our training had taken place during a very interesting and exciting time, especially in the area of aviation, and many global changes had come to pass.

The chances of piloting for any airline had been massively reduced during our time in training and after graduation, most of us went separate ways, heading back to their roots or looking for new challenges. A few of us, though, found their way into a cockpit. The one thing we shared was a persistent passion for flying. is a collective project connecting us beyond our pilot education. With it, we can offer you a chance to experience aviation at its most personal and exciting!

As with of all association statutes, there is no commercial interest for us. The flying opportunities are broad and extremely variable and we do it out of a love of flying. You are only required to cover actual costs, i.e. plane rental cost, fuel and taxes – the pilot does the sightseeing flight free of charge.

In short: we offer a spectacular flight experience for a very affordable price.

Almost all of Switzerland – as well as the nearby cities from neighbouring countries – can be experienced from a bird’s eye perspective.


  • Do you have relatives, friends or colleagues who you would like to surprise with a sightseeing flight?
  • Do you need an award for a contest?
  • Would you like to improve the relationship with your business partners?
  • Are you planning an unforgettable sightseeing flight or business trip yourself?

We are more than happy to offer vouchers!

Let us know what you are looking for by simply filling in the contact form and we will contact you straight away to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Sponsoring / Donations

Would you like to support us as a sponsor or donor? We are happy to let you know about the different options available.
Contact us at: info[at] or +41 76 330 13 14 (we are all fluent in English).

Rules of transportation

(translated from the original German version)

The following rules are valid for transportation of passengers by member pilots of the „“ association carrying out a flight that has been organized by this association.

1. Execution of flight

1.1 The execution of a flight is at the pilot’s discretion. Based on external circumstances (e.g. weather) and his experience the pilot decides if the flight can be carried out within permissible boundaries.

1.2 The pilot may decline taking any passenger if he/ she feels that the passenger could in any way endanger the flight based on his/ her behaviour (e.g. because of alcoholic consumption).

1.3 Pilots carry out flights under their own responsibility (non-commercial, private flight). The association „“ acts as a connecting agency only and carries no responsibility for actual flights.

2. Non-executed flights / Early termination of a flight

2.1 If a passenger does not show up for a scheduled flight for reasons beyond his/ her control (i.e. force majeure), there is the possibility – at the pilot’s discretion – to reschedule the flight for a later time and/ or date. However, any additional costs related to such a rescheduling (e.g. reservation costs, taxes, etc.) will still need to be borne by the passenger.

2.2 If a passenger does not show up for other, passenger-related reasons (e.g. illness), there is an option –in agreement with the pilot – to execute the flight at a later time and/ or date. The value of the original voucher applies, minus a handling fee of 10%. In addition, any costs related to such a rescheduling (e.g. reservation costs, taxes, etc.) will still need to be borne by the passenger.

2.3 If for any reason a scheduled flight must be cancelled by the pilot (e.g. for reasons of meteorological conditions), the flight will be rescheduled at no additional cost to the passenger; the full value of the voucher remains. However, the association “” is not responsible for any passenger costs that may result from a rescheduling (e.g. missed appointment).

2.4 If the flight is cancelled for a pilot-related reason (e.g. unexcused absence) the flight will be rescheduled at no additional cost to the passenger; the full value of the voucher remains. Under this circumstance, passengers also have the opportunity to return the voucher for full value. In such cases, no service fees will be charged.

2.5 The pilot can terminate the flight at any time if he suspects that there is a danger to the safety of the flight or its passengers. If the pilot terminates the flight before its completion, a new voucher for the remaining flight time can be issued.

Upon passenger request the difference can also be reimbursed with the exception of the flight being terminated because of the unruly behaviour of a passenger. In that case, no reimbursement will be made and no new voucher will be issued.

2.6 A voucher can be returned within its validity date without justification. The value of the voucher will be reimbursed minus a handling fee of 10%.

3. Sightseeing flights abroad

3.1 It is the passenger’s responsibility to comply with any entry, health or currency regulations of any country visited, as well as carrying valid travel documentation at the time of the flight.

3.2 It is the passenger’s responsibility to comply with the respective duty regulations. The association „“ will, in the event of illegal import of goods by a passenger, decline all responsibility.

3.3 If the pilot decides a return flight cannot be made (e.g. for reasons of meteorological conditions, strike of airport staff, technical problems, etc.) the association „“ will not cover any resulting costs (e.g. transportation, accommodation, etc.) for the passenger and will not be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential damages.

4. Insurance

4.1 Insurance is the passenger’s responsibility.

4.2 The ticketed flight passenger is subject to liability according to the “Lufttransportreglement vom 3. Oktober 1952/ 1. Juni 1962 (für Inlandbeförderungen)“ and the „Warschauer Abkommen vom 12. Oktober 1929/ 28. September 1955 (für internationale Beförderungen)“ based on the version current at the time of the flight. Liability of the air carrier and its personnel in the event of death or bodily harm – as well as loss or damage of any baggage – is limited by those regulations.

4.3 Flights are considered private and non-commercial and booked only against the actual costs of the flight; as such, liability is limited and there is no insurance required by the pilots or the association to cover person and/ or property damage for the passenger.

5. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

5.1 Only Swiss law applies.

5.2 Place of jurisdiction is Zürich.